holistic; adjective:
characterized by the belief that the
parts of something are intimately interconnected and
explicable only by reference to the whole


Welcome to The Green Room.

The Green Room is a little sanctuary, here in the Hawke’s Bay, where we explore the natural world of skin and its health. Using ancient and modern modalities to ease away your skin concerns, allowing your mind and body to go into a state of relaxation while your skin’s health is being looked after.  


“I am grateful for the opportunity to create a unique healing experience for you and your skin.”



Stephanie Totman, holistic facialist and founder of The Green Room, has been a practitioner in skin health and massage for 14 years, graduating with the prestigious international qualification of CIDESCO and ITEC.

Exploring many avenues of skin nutrition and massage over the years of studying and working abroad, landed her at a more holistic approach. Stephanie’s belief in the health and natural functioning of the skin comes down to diet, lifestyle and the environment. The skin is our window to our internal health and working with the skin and body from within, mainly the lymphatic and nervous systems, is very important to the skins health on the surface.


Stephanie’s individualised approach to your skin comes from constant growth, education and using her intuition. Each session a variety of traditional, effective techniques will take place using sustainable, natural products that support your skin’s health, mind and body. We believe that products should be safe and effective.

During a thorough consultation, a treatment will be intuitively catered towards your skin and its health, delivering a unique, organic treatment.

In a busy, stressful world, where our nervous system are in over drive, Stephanie is grateful for the opportunity to create a unique healing experience for you and your skin.






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